Friday, April 2, 2010

well..... never thought i would be here but here i am and here is my story... forgive me if i ramble as i sit here with tears in my eyes. yeah i'm at that point. first let me introduce myself.....
last october after my third failed frozen embryo transfer we decided to look into surrogacy. being from the united states where, in a word, surrogacy is not an option, all roads led to surrogacy in india. i must say i am really proud of myself as in a month's time with the help of the good Lord, i found Dr. Shivani, transported my frozen babies (all 6 of them) via fed ex to whom i am forever grateful and off they safely went to new delhi. after a three month wait (which i wasn't surprised as the planet mars was in retrograde, not to go direct until march) then poof, all systems were go! in the meantime i found my way to all of you, read your blogs religiously, were so happy for you, cried with you, prayed for you (christmas eve boys, 2 afro dads, flight of the bumble bee, chai baby, journey to surrogacy - whose playlist i listen to constantly, crystle, etc. etc. etc) but was always afraid to start a blog of my own out of fear. now you have given me the courage to write and it helps; a lot!
well we just received our first beta yesterday and it is low. the good doctor has said to wait, be patient and don't give up hope. it's good friday so i'm trying. i know many of you have been there as the road isn't often a smooth one but eventually there was a dream to come true, right around the bend. maybe there's a miracle there for me to. what do you think?

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  1. Just found your blog and it's the first one I find about someone from the US shipping their own embryos to Dr. Shivani, I cannot tell you how long I've waited to find someone that actually did this!! Thank you! So it is possible to ship one's embryos to India and them surviving, I have nightmares just thinking about it. This is the first post of yours I'm reading and I'll continue to read. Just wanted to let you know how helpful your blog has already been by knowing someone for real had their own embryos go to the other side of the world, :) Thanks!