Saturday, April 24, 2010

the wait begins

Well i did it.... i sent the good dr. shivani the all important email giving her the go ahead to initiate the process once again of seeking out our beloved surrogate. she replied that it will take 4-6 weeks. i have to look at it this way... it gives me more time to focus on my precious daughter. i looked at her today with her disney world shopping bag, in one hand, her hannah montana shopping bag in another and then she said, "wait a minute, i have to get my purse," as she was ready for a playdate. seems like just yesterday she was a baby in my arms. all 4lbs 6ounces of her. lets me know that time does fly. i'm counting my blessing and praying for a few more. i'll let the time pass reading your stories and looking at your beautiful babies growing inside of our precious surrogates.

i never thought i would ever have the opportunity to have a surrogate and here i am. life is so amazing. it can happen. it will happen. sweet dreams everyone


  1. That 4-6 weeks will go by before you know it....we'll be watching and hoping for nothing but success for you from just across the Hudson! Best of everything.

  2. Hey there..
    The time will zoom by and your little daughter will make sure you are kept very busy untill you get the news of a surrogate for you.

    Disney shopping bag?? I'm I need one :-)

  3. Of course it can happen! And there's no reason it can't happen for you. :)

    Good luck, lovely lady. I'll be waiting right alongside you.

    Your little girl sounds adorable! pics pls xxx