Tuesday, April 13, 2010

and i wonder

so.... at last check the beta numbers were dropping and it is only a matter of time before the little spirit returns to heaven unable to make the transition to earth. again, i'm shattered. this is the fourth time i've lost my snowflake. the first three times of course i thought it was me but now that the whole process has happened with my soul mate surrogate it must be something else.

it's always the same. the frozen embryo is thawed. it looks good. the transfer is easy. first betas are low but there is definitely a pregnancy. second beta increased but still on the low side. next step sonogram. no sac. by day 15 all is lost.

dear dr. shivani says embryos look good, patients have conceived before, they are good. everything is good except my luck. maybe next time will be our turn. sigh! it seems like with most things that go wrong, it is always something simple that is amiss but in this case what could it be? and i wonder....

so of course with 4 frozen embryos left we will try again but we hesitate until we can get some sort of clarity as to a possible solution so if there is a mistake, we won't do it again. and i wonder...

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