Monday, April 26, 2010

how do they know....

Last week was my cousin's birthday and I sent her a card with $50 in it. It was really very meaningful as neither of us have a lot of spare change these days. She called me this evening from her home in Florida to say I really shouldn't have especially with "the new baby coming." My step-sister-in-law is having a 40th birthday bash in St. Marteens in November and sent out invitations to come on down and join her. I asked my husband if we were going and he replied, "how can we go to St. Marteens and India too?"

At this point I am scared to death to think one way or the other yet these two speak with such confidence like they know next time around is our turn. I just finished reading Johnny and Darren's blog From India With Love. Oh my goodness have you seen their beautiful little baby boy? You must start from the bottom up with the photo of their SI with her beautiful big belly, right through to the birth of the baby, until now, which they are back home in Austrailia. Amazing! It is almost surreal but no it really really happened. I have to paste and copy their headline in this blog as where I really want to post it on my walls, mirrors, and forehead:

From India With Love...
'The only people who end up without a baby, are the people who give up...Here's to never giving up"

I won't, I promise

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