Monday, April 19, 2010

My husband loves me

My husband said the sweetest thing to me today... he said he feels honored that I have the confidence in him to want to have a baby (or two) with him. Guess we're ready to try again.


  1. Hi, Coco. I just found your blog. I am so sorry your transfer didn't take the first time around. Good luck on your next cycle. I'll be thinking sticky thoughts and sending lots of baby dust your way. Hugs to you and your sweet hubby.

  2. Hi Coco,
    i am sorry, it is a sucky, heart breaking process. There are a whole lot of us out there, i would love to introduce you to them,i would be happy to chat, my email is on my Blog,

  3. Hi Coco..

    Just found your blog.
    Loads n loads of baby dust comming your way from Australia.

    Charliecat is great and she knows soem awesoem folks.


  4. Hi Coco

    I've added your link to my blog. Welcome to our humble community ;)

    Don't worry, we'll get you preggo in no time.

    It sounds like hubbie is a huge support. Gotta love those wonderful hunks who stand beside us, no matter what. They're the ones who make the best dads!