Friday, June 18, 2010

thanks and....

i love you guys....


  1. And we love you too.
    Sadly I cannot allow myself to love you as much as Jared Leto.. But I am sure you understand LOL

  2. I don't know why this journey is so much harder for some of us than others. There is nothing "fair" about it.

    I think I've written a million blog posts in my head that I never got around to posting but I found it very therapeutic. I wish I had posted them because it would have made for a more honest blog.

    This is YOUR blog and you should never feel bad about posting the way you feel on it. You guys have been through a lot and you deserve an outlet.


  3. I agree with Amber, i think that Blogs should tell us your journey.This process is not simple or straight forward for many Ip's, us included. It is full of joy, grief, hope, sadness and a dose of "i wish". People reading your blog should know that.
    I also beleive in hope and in persistance and that we will have babies soon,

    CC x

  4. We are all here for you sweetie, this journey is trying even with a positive.