Wednesday, July 14, 2010

glad to hear from you

oh todd... your girls are beautiful! thank you so much for sharing. i am so happy i have this blog to turn to. right now i have so much "law" in my head i literally don't know if i'm coming or going. Edward, i take the bar exam on july 27th & 28th. nothing should be this hard.

i must admit though i got very nervous reading Amani's update on the new mandate being circulated at the clinics. Don't these countries have other more important things to think about like saving the environment rather then interferring with someone who is only trying to do something as innocent as having a family... what is this world coming to?


  1. Thanks coco! Actually, that profile picture is of our twins sons born about six months before our daughters -- I need to update it! Best wishes on your bar exam, and I'm hoping it and everything else comes together for you in the weeks and months ahead!

  2. I just thought I'd check in and say I hope your bar exam went well. Time tends to really fly sometimes. I also wanted to wish you tons of luck on your FET cycle.