Monday, May 10, 2010


Now that we're inching our way through the month I realize that our new surrogate has possibly been chosen and the preliminaries are more than likely underway. This is good news. However now I begin to wonder and naturally worry about the..... what's a good word, chances, probabilities, odds, of our frozen embryos making it to survival?

My fresh embryo transfer went so smoothly. Now after 17 frozen embryos, three failed fet's and only 4 little snowflakes left, I'm wondering if being frozen lessens the viability to the point that they just won't survive. I thought with 3 miscarriages that it was just me. Then my last surrogate experience the exact same lost as I did. It starts with a low beta, (depressing) then a rise in beta, (estatic) then by day 15 a significant beta drop and then the baby is gone..... (deeply depressed).

Has anyone done any significant research on FET's. I've tried but have yet to find anything other than there have been succes stories. Even though they are few, is it all just a matter of what is meant to be will be? que sera sera

It also seems to me that if FET's were not viable the medical community would not consider it as an option. Would they?


  1. I've seen lots of successful FETs in my time. Including triplets and twins, so don't worry too much.

    There is a slightly decreased chance of success, but you've got to be in it to win it, don't you?

    It's totally natural to worry about your embies, especially seeing as you've already used quite a few of this batch. But just remember, all it takes is one viable embie to make your dreams come true.

    Only one of our embies took out of 8.

    You'll get there, too.


  2. Everything I've read says that frozen embryos are as healthy as fresh--you just may lose some in the thawing. We had a failed fresh cycle with three grade As. We're now pregnant with with a singleton at 7 weeks from a FET. We thawed eight and transferred 5. I was pretty impressed with the thaw rate and the quality degraded a bit, but still remained pretty good. I realize this isn't real research, but I know that when you're going through this process any information is really treasured. Fingers crossed for you.

  3. Hi Coco,

    I do understand what it is like to wonder about the next cycle. I was so scared about our last cycle which was a FET I just figured it would be negative and wanted to plan a live cycle for when it didn't work. The cycle right before it they transferred 4 grade A embryos and since we only had 2 grade A left and it was a frozen cycle, I didn't think we had much chance of success. Not to mention that it was also the 8th total IVF we had gone through and our first non fresh transfer.

    You really do have an excellent chance of this working!


  4. Oh, I forgot to mention, I LOVE that you call your frozen embryos "Snowflakes". It is how I always think about our little one.