Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Wow what happened yesterday? I am so sad. Charlie Cat lost her second little bean, Armani cussed someone out and I love u Oreo but what was the photo of the baby's buns suppose to be about - i didn't get it. Lets get back on track guys. Love, positive thoughts, we can do this


  1. God, ignore me, that one was a long time coming. All back to Planet normal now, promise ; )

  2. Welcome to the surrogacy world and a good dose of what Megan is really like.


  3. Just nod and wave at the occassional "bun fight," as the Aussies say. It can get rather "heated" at times as emotions tend to run high before, during, and after this roller coaster ride.

    Just stay focused and determined...with the exception of a very few, we're all actually here to offer support and encouragement. And besides, mea culpa, I't my fault "Amani cussed someone out." Otherwise, she a good person despite Pam's jab.

    Mike A.

  4. Thank you for the really nice post you left on our blog. I'm so very sorry that your beta didn't increase during your last attempt. I know how hard that is. The one positive thing is that this means you should have a really good shot at it working for the next attempt!

    Kind Regards,

  5. click on the buns image :) its a video clip lol