Saturday, January 1, 2011

thank you all just for being you

dear all
happy new year! i have been at a loss for words yet here it is new years day, 2011 and i am so full of hope, joy and excitement, ever so grateful for all that i have that i just wanted to wish everyone the very best. i've been known to ramble on and on and today shouldn't be any exception. i belive last night, just before the stroke of 12 midnight, i had an ephifany. i kissed the first decade of the 21st century goodbye and welcomed 2011. i feel as though i planted good seeds and feel positive that they will yield good fruit.

i reminsced all of dec 4, 2010 as it made one year since i sent my wee ones over to new delhi to be in the good hands of dr. shivani, awaiting to manifest onto this earthly garden. and still we wait as our funds are depleted and with two failed attempts and only one more try to go, we refuse to give up hope to receiving a little brother or sister for our baby julia.

i didn't pass the new york bar exam, we didn't have a baby, we haven't sold our house and our careers are still on tender hooks. however we have enjoyed the good fortune of being a family, in love, in good health and continuing to share in the joy of all of those who have had their babies. wow. i've learned a lot from reading the blogs and at a recent christmas party when i overheard someone talking about their up coming trip to india for a 3 week vacation, i inwardly smiled and was able to share so much about the country with them. so much so that they exclaimed, "have you been there?" only in my heart i replied.

i gained a lot of insight from reading the blog of faith to vishwas - edward is deep. and so i feel strong and can be happy with what ever the good lord bestows upon us. in my deep heart of heart, soul of soul, i miss my baby(ies) still in a frozen state. i cuddle and care for him/her/them even though they are on the other side. they are alive in my heart.

i love my daughter and husband more and more each day. i will continue to follow you all on your journey and wish you the very very best now and always. to my family in surrogacy. Happy New Year!


  1. You are so blessed. Not only for what you've got, but your ability to rejoice in it.

    This is your year.


  2. Never give up. We are back home with the twins, and I believe it can happen for anyone who pursues the dream of surrogacy, but you will need to find a doctor that fits your needs.

  3. Happy New Year Coco! Your spirit will shine a light to whatever path finds your family.
    Best wishes for a spectacular 2011!
    Blessings and hugs to your family...which isn't done growing!

  4. I pray 2011 is a much better year for you. For now, enjoy all you have (it makes it all easier)