Sunday, March 6, 2011

it just occurred to me...

it just occurred to me that not only was the day your baby(ies) were born your baby's birthday but it was also your graduation day! you are no longer an ip (intended parent) with a question mark but a full fledge parent with an exclaimation point. congratulations.

i often worried if i'd ever feel the full and true meaning of this baby being mine all mine. well i can telly you, five years later, yes this baby is mine all mine. not only is she beginning to resemble me she does things that i use to do when i was a little girl. i have felt love and a deep bonding connection from her looking into my eyes since the day she was born like no other love i have ever experienced in my life.

today i realized that surrogacy, ivf, fet and all of the other modern tools of science is possibly the most natural way in this universe to have a baby. this ephifany came about as i looked over the records of a new client we have who is involved in a paternity suit. there next to the child's name was "born out of wedlock." while baby was conceived "naturally" I began to think how sad their situation is and there is nothing natural about that. alternatively, what could be more natural than a miracle from God, which gave you your baby and if you're reading this blog then you know it took a miracle to have the baby you are holding in your arms right now.

so as anxities begin to creep in through all of the joy you're experiencing now that you are a parent, shoo them away. your baby traveled through the universe to be with you. make no mistake this baby is yours.

for all of you trying... keep trying!


  1. I need that reminder sometimes when people are cruel. You just made my day!!!!

    Thanks for your heartfelt post. I often tell people, 'No one can ever say that is not my son!' He is all mine through and through.

  2. boy oh boy did i ever read this post at the right time. thanks for sharing your thoughts and your story. we're ready on this end...we're keepin' on the keep on tryin' train!

  3. Just wanted to say hi! Looks like we will be taking the bar exam together (MD bar in July for me). We've just started our surrogacy journey because I thought I could use something to really stress about during all of my studying:) Best of luck!


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